Registered Competent Persons

The General Provisions for Health and Safety at Work Places Regulations (S.L. 424.18) requires employers to designate one or more persons to assist them in undertaking the measures which are required to be taken in relation to the protection of OHS and the prevention and control of occupational risks.

Such persons must have the necessary aptitude, capabilities, competence and training to be able to fulfil such important role. In cases where the protective and preventive measures cannot be organised for lack of competent personnel in the undertaking or establishment, employers must enlist external services or persons. These services or persons must have the necessary aptitude and the necessary personal and professional means.

To facilitate matters for employers, OHSA keeps a ‘competent persons register’  with names of persons who can be designated by employers for the provision of OHS support or services on OHS matters.

The latest version of OHSA’s Competent Persons Register.

The criteria for registering one’s competence with OHSA.

Information about the payment of fees to have one’s contact details on OHSA’s register.