1. Requests for information

FOI requests may be submitted by email to foi.ohsa@ohsa.mt, through the FOI portal (www.foi.gov.mt) via the e-ID or through the online form.

2. OHSA’s Freedom of Information Officer:

Tel: 21247677
email: foi.ohsa@ohsa.mt

OHSA Office Hours: 

  • Winter (1st October - 15th June): Monday to Friday 7:30 - 16.45 (Excluding Public Holidays)
  • Summer (16th June - 30th September): Monday to Friday 7.30 - 13.30 (Excluding Public Holidays)

The provision of information may include charges as per S.L. 496.01. 

3. Information

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4. About OHSA

The Occupational Health and Safety Authority Act (Cap. 424 of the Laws of Malta) was published on the 17th November 2000 and brought into force in its entirety on the 29th January 2002.

This Act established the OHSA to ensure that the physical, psychological and social well-being of all workers in all workplaces are promoted and safeguarded by whosoever has such a duty.

5. OHSA’s Contact Details:

Name of Public Authority: Awtorità għas-Saħħa u s-Sigurtà fuq il-Post tax-Xogħol (OHSA) (Occupational Health & Safety Authority)
Address: 7, Triq Edgar Ferro, Pietà, PTA 1533, Malta
General Tel. No: 21247677
Generic email address: ohsa@ohsa.mt

6. Structure of OHSA

The Authority is made up of a tripartite 9-member Board and an executive arm, headed by the Chief Executive Officer.

The executive part of OHSA is broadly composed of the Technical Division, which is mainly involved in enforcement and a Corporate Services Section, which is responsible for financial, administrative and support functions. The structure of OHSA also includes the functions of communications, EU and Legal Affairs and Policy Development.

7. General Description of categories of documents and manuals held by the Authority

  • Entity policy documents such as Standard Operational Procedures; Enforcement Policy
  • Copies of certification such as workplace lifts, plant, equipment and installation pertaining to OHS legislation
  • Register of Competent Persons
  • Case reports relating to enforcement action
  • Copies of Injury reports in terms of OHS legislation
  • Memoranda of Understanding between OHSA and other entities
  • Agreements and records related to payments made out of the government subvention and other sources of revenue
  • Documents pertaining to its HR complement
  • Identification documents pertaining to powers of entry of OHS Officers appointed by OHSA.
  • Extracts of local media coverage of OHS issues
  • Documents (e.g. Annual Report of Activities) relating to OHSA initiatives
  • Documents (Questionnaires, Application Forms, Course content) in respect of OHSA awareness raising activities.

8. Internal Complaints Procedure:

An applicant whose request for information is refused, or who is otherwise not satisfied with the information provided, its format or the extension of the deadline for the submission of the notification indicating whether a request would be met or not, may address a complaint to the FOI Officer by email to foi.ohsa@ohsa.mt, through the FOI portal (www.foi.gov.mt) via the e-ID or through the online form.

The FOI Officer shall reply to the applicant within 10 working days from the receipt of the complaint. The applicant shall also be informed that he or she may appeal the decision or otherwise address a complaint to the Information and Data Protection Commissioner in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (Cap. 496 of the Laws of Malta).

The FOI Officer shall inform the applicant of the decision taken with respect to his or her complaint, and in the event of confirmation of a decision not to release the pertinent information, shall explain the reasons thereof. Whenever the applicant’s complaint is related to the format of the information provided or to an extension of the deadline for the submission of the notification indicating whether a request would be met or not by OHSA and the original decision is upheld, the applicant shall be given an explanation as to why his or her complaint cannot be positively addressed.

An applicant may also make use of the Internal Complaints Procedure to report failure to meet deadlines or to send notifications. In those cases where the request for information can be met but has not been met within the deadlines specified by the Act, the FOI Officer shall waive any applicable fees for the submission of information.

9. Other Information

Payments can be made by cheque drawn on

  • Awtorità għas-Saħħa u s-Sigurtà fuq il-Post tax-Xogħol and addressed: 17, Triq Edgar Ferro, Pietà, PTA 1533
  • Emails received on weekends or public/national holidays will be read on the next working day.


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