Workplace Health & Well-being (WHW):

Work-related stress is a growing concern in the workplace today. Recent evidence across EU Member States classifies exposure to stress as the main workplace health and safety risk (Euro barometer Working Conditions, 2014). This results in a huge cost for employers if left unaddressed. Unsurprisingly, surveys have revealed that stress results in lower productivity for affected businesses. It also makes it difficult for them to retain employees, which leads to increased costs for recruitment and training.

During the consecutive remainder sessions, a practitioner from the Public Service’s Employee Support Programme would interact with participants on the core theme, workplace health and well-being. By the end of this training course participants would be exposed to and given the opportunity to discuss and have a good grasp of the following topics:

  1. Definition of work-related stress.
  2. Psycho-social Risk assessment and stakeholders’ legal obligations.
  3. Recognised Management Standards.
  4. Tackling risk factors.
  5. The impacts of poor mental health on a business.
  6. Barriers to dealing with mental health issues at work.
  7. Creating a culture & environment supportive of communication and disclosure.

Course duration: 14 hours.

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